Animals Names and Sounds #1 - Learn How to Care for Pet Animals! | Candybots Games

Welcome to CandyBots Animals Sounds World - puzzle kids learning game! The safari world of 24 animated animals! Today we will learn the names and sounds of Pet Animals and how to care for them!

00:00 - Intro
00:19 - Dog
01:55 - Cat
03:21 - Mouse
04:56 - Parrot
06:20 - Golden Fish
07:32 - Chameleon

In Candybots Animals Sounds puzzle toddlers game, kids can feed and care for all animals from mouse to elephant! Animals Sounds Name education colorful game let children learn each animals' name, sound, what to feed and how to care, rescue the animals of the jungle, farm, river and house.

The best pet animals kingdom game for babies, toddlers, preschoolers, kids to begin learning and playing with fun!

Sound good? To the animals kingdom zoo we go!


- Teach babies animal sounds: Each creature feature unique animal sounds!
- 4 different House Pets are free! Start learning with the first animal: Mouse!
- 4 groups of pets in this puzzle game: House pets, Farm animal, Forest critters and Jungle creatures!
- Time to feed and care animals: Toddlers will learn what to feed each pet, and what to leave in the jungle through simple touch, drag-and-drop mini puzzle jigsaw games.
- Animal doctor rescue game for baby: Feed animals is fun, but games like Hide the Chameleon, Hatch the Eggs and Brush the Alligator’s Teeth are wild fun!
- 24 colorful critters animated animals: Kids can happy touch between 24 funny creatures to have fun with!
- Educational story clips: funny coloring animal cartoons play after each mini game!
- Pronounce animals names with phonics: Clear English voice-overs that will have kids pronounce vocabulary animals pet names like a true jungle ranger!
- No ads! Safe for Baby Kids.

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