BBBE Carnivore Meal Prep | DIY Carnivore Crisps (Not Deli meat!) | Air Fryer Rack of Lamb

BBBE Meal Prep. Today I made DIY Carnivore Crisps (Not Deli meat!), Air Fryer Rack of Lamb and simple Rib Meat Stew

0:00 Video
03:45 How to make Carnivore Crisps
07:49 Rib Stew in Instant Pot
12:32 Air Fryer Rack of Lamb
16:12 Cost of DIY Meat crisps vs Carnivore Crisps

BBBE stands for Beef Bacon Butter & Eggs and was brought to my attention through Dr. Ken Berry's channel
He goes over the details in this video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iTYYMYiMG1U

Rack of Lamb in the oven: https://ketogenicwoman.com/easy-keto-rack-of-lamb/

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