DIWALI CRACKERS STASH 2021 Firecracker worth ₹499/- "Cheapest Cracker" "सबसे सस्ता पटाखा" ????????Un

DIWALI CRACKERS STASH 2021 Firecracker worth ₹499/- "Cheapest Cracker" "सबसे सस्ता पटाखा" ????????Unboxing

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Different types of crackers which we included in our diwali fireworks stash have been tested in this video. Simply put, in this video we will be testing diwali fireworks stash. This crackers video shows you the function performed by the different types of crackers. Diwali ke patakhe ko test krne mai kafi maza aata hai, aur is patakhe ki video mai humne bhot sare patakhe test kie hai. Patake diwali mai chalae jate hai aur isi lie is saal humne new types of crackers bi include kie hain humari is crackers testing video main.

Channel Info:-
I live in India; we do fireworks on diwali and before. In this video we see the different types of crackers. Crackers testing, unboxing and review have been performed in this video. I have included variety of diwali crackers in my diwali fireworks stash. Diwali fireworks aka diwali ke patakhe are very famous during diwali season. Along with decoration diwali is focused on the crackers. New crackers have also been reviewed in this crackers video. I buy a lot of crackers variety for my diwali fireworks stash and then showcase all the firecrackers I buy in two types of videos, i.e., diwali fireworks stash videos and crackers testing videos. Make sure to check out my channel.
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